Keeping your customers happy is a must no matter what business you’re in. There are many ways of achieving this overall, but today we’re focussing on how to keep customers happy whilst on hold…..

Placing your customers on hold is not always ideal, but at times it’s necessary. By delivering good quality on hold messaging you can alleviate the annoyance customers often feel when being placed on hold. It also provides a good opportunity to give customers additional information about your business.



To help you get it right and keep your callers happy, we’ve put together

the 3 Top Ways to Keep a Customer Happy While On Hold.


Empathy – Showing you empathise with customers frustrations can make the world of difference between satisfied and dissatisfied customers. A simple, ‘We’re sorry to keep you holding.’ can work wonders.

In addition to this, offer alternative options of assisting them with their call such as directing them to an online quoting form on your website or a contact form, if it’s a simple question that needs answering. Chances are if they have called they prefer speaking with someone, but providing alternatives keeps customers happy and shows you value both them and their time.

Educate – Use this as the time to educate customers about your range of products and services and how they can assist them. This is not the time to go in for the hard sell, but a good time to generate awareness and increase interest in your business.

You may not have a huge range of products and services on offer. Not a problem, simply mention the benefits of what you do offer, and how this sets you apart from competitors.

Answer questions – You may have customers contacting you with frequently asked questions (FAQ’s).

These could be a combination of ‘Do you provide free quotes? Where are you located? What payment options can you offer?’ If you’re able to provide answers to some of the most frequently asked questions, this will assist with limiting your calls building up, provides customers with what they need and keeps everyone happy.

These FAQ’s can also be added to your website and you can direct callers to the page within your on-hold messaging.

The main thing to remember when creating your on hold messaging is how you feel about being placed on-hold and what you find useful. It’s certainly not the time to sell every single one of your products and services, but it does provide a solid platform to communicate with your customers.

Have you had a great on hold experience lately? We’d love to hear about it! Share your positive experience in the comments section below.