DudeYou might have heard people say “nobody likes a know­it­all.” But that’s not really true… Everybody loves Dr Karl!

The fact is that when it comes to business, the more you know, the more credibility you have; and the more credibility you have, the more respect you command. This adds value to your organisation and attracts business.

So how do you let people know that you know a lot without sounding arrogant or conceited? On hold messages! You don’t need to big­note yourself – you just need to demonstrate you’re qualified to be classed as experts in your area of business, professionals in your field, masters of your domain.

Leave a lasting impression with On Hold Recordings

Perhaps your business focuses on just one thing and does it really, really well. Then why not let people know that you’re the best at what you do? While your caller holds the line as their enquiry is being serviced, take the opportunity to remind them why you’re the best at what you do through on hold messages and marketing. You don’t need to boast, but you can enhance your reputation with your customers by demonstrating your expert knowledge

while they wait. Share information, provide insights, offer advice. Go above and beyond the expectations of your customers and you’ll make a lasting impression on them about your business.

Seize the opportunity

It could be that your company offers umpteen different kinds of goods/services, but if people only know about one or two of them, then that’s an opportunity lost to extend your business not only to new customers but to your already established clientele as well. One of the best ways of spreading the word that you’re more than just a one­trick pony is by use of messages on hold.

When a customer calls in, whether it’s for the first time or the hundredth time, you have an opportunity to let them know more about what you do without any additional effort. More often than not you’ll have to put the call on hold to service their enquiry anyway, so why not take advantage of that time to inform them about the full scope of your business in the background? You could be opening their eyes to parts of your organisation they never knew existed. You can even use those moments to plug the latest promotions.

You already know that the quality of service you provide is second to none, but your new customers do not. Establish and affirm rapport with your callers by highlighting your expertise and ability while they hold the line. It’s your chance to show off without showing off!

Getting the word out

The team here at Jonny Jingles can help you get the word out to your customers that you’re the best in town at what you do. Our on hold message and marketing geniuses will help shape your message and show you off to be the crackerjack company of professionals that you already are.

If you’ve got any questions or want to know more, check out our messages on hold page and fill out the quick response form! We’d love to help you get your message out there and grow your business through quality on hold messaging.