We all know first impressions are super important. When you meet someone new it only takes a few moments to go from knowing absolutely nothing about that person to forming judgments based on the way they speak, they act and their general demeanour. There’s no clearer example of this than with dating. The first impression you made on the person was probably at a party. You were looking sharp and those cocktails made you witty and charming. You were in great form, and that opened the door for the opportunity to get to know your target better over dinner or a cup of coffee – the realm of the second impression.And it’s that second impression which really counts. It gives a much clearer indication on what we think and how we feel about that person. We make clearer judgments about character and compatibility that can only be properly formed the more we get to know them. Will you again display the great form you were in on Friday night, or is it long gone? It’s sink or swim time and there’s nowhere to hide.First impressions open the door for a relationship between two parties. Second impressions lay the foundation for that relationship.But What Does That Have To Do With My Business?What happens when someone calls your place of business for the first time? This is your opportunity to make an excellent first impression.

A member of staff will answer the phone and engage the caller in a cordial and helpful exchange. Your business has made a good first impression on your new customer and, so far, things are going swimmingly.

Next, the member of staff needs to put the caller on hold to either transfer the call or to physically go and find information for the customer. The caller is placed on hold and, for a time, the customer is in a state of “limbo” as they wait for information.

What is your caller greeted with when they hold the line? This is the domain of the second impression and the on hold message.

This is the time where all of the good work your staff has done so far with the customer will either be affirmed or will fall to pieces within moments through a frustrating experience of waiting on hold.

Repetitive and irritating music loops are groan­worthy and sprout from the pit of hell! Time slows and the customer feels like they’ve been waiting for longer than they really have. Worse still, your caller might hear nothing at all and think that you’ve either hung up or completely forgotten about them without a voice of assurance reminding them they haven’t been forgotten.

The use of on hold music and messages is vital in making a good second impression and helps demonstrate to customers why you deserve their business. On hold messages suggest that you have multiple phone lines; multiple phone lines means you’re in a large office; a large office means you’re a large business and large businesses don’t get to be large without doing something right. Immediately you’ve affirmed your credibility and strengthened your foundation to build rapport with the customer all by just putting them on hold.

Put yourself in the shoes of your customers. Call your office phone and asked to be put on hold. Understand for yourself what people are hearing when they call. If you can, compare it with your competition. Then ask yourself: “If I was calling my business for the very first time, how would I evaluate my own company? What would I think about the quality of the business, the size of the organisation and the level of service?”

Employing well­ executed on hold messages denotes excellence and this leaves a favourable mark on your customers. The team at Jonny Jingles have produced countless on hold music and message campaigns for our clients and we understand how best to highlight your business, how to play to your strengths and how to make a stellar second impression.