Why Choose Us?

Let me paint you a picture…a client calls your office…you’re busy on another call…indubitably you place them on hold…and a monotonous melody quickly ensues…quite possibly wreaking havoc on helpless unsuspecting eardrums.

So have you ever stopped to ponder what impression this is really making on YOUR potential client? What is this on hold message really saying to them? Does your message resemble that of Mr whippy? Because if so, I’ve got a message for you… Greensleeves called…they want their song back! Or perhaps you’re on hold message is a tad Virginia Wolf, dreary and depressing…in which case you may unknowingly be stripping the caller of their god-given will to live. Or worse, you could have NO on hold message at all…meaning the caller feels slightly punked and may question if they were ever put on hold in the first place.

In any case, the situation’s not exactly ideal….but don’t despair – the team at Jonny Jingles is here to help!

Jonny Jingles will craft an original on hold message production that best represents your business and clientele. All our packages are offered completely outright with no contracts and no ongoing fees. Packages start from only $179.00, making an on hold message from Jonny Jingles the best and most cost friendly marketing decision you’ll ever make!

And if you decide that it’s time for a complete marketing makeover, Jonny Jingles can create a customised jingle that will help your customers recognise and remember your business.
Please contact the friendly team at Jonny Jingles for any questions or quotes.
Together we can free the world of on hold boredom!


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