It is imperative that the On Hold Message best portrays your brand. This makes the decision of the voice and background music very difficult to get right.

Your audience will have a preconceived idea of what your brand should sound like when they dial your number. In the case of a retirement village it would be unlikely that the voice would be a young adult using colloquial dictation.

Jonny Jingles can assist with the audio re-branding of your Message On Hold service by working closely with you or your marketing department to enhance the appeal of your brand and help to portray priceless re-assurance to your prospective clients.

A consultation with Jonny Jingles takes away the guess work when trying to choose the right On Hold Message elements to match your brand. Decisions such as script copy and length, male vs. female voice, use of accents and pronunciation are best left to season professionals with a tried and tested formula.

The Jonny Jingles website hosts freely available links to On Hold Music and custom On Hold Message recordings along with testimonies from happy clients.
If you want to make a broad appealing first impression or even a bold statement call us today to get started!

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